Climate Change Group AGM


The Annual General Meeting of the Climate Change Group will be held on Friday 16th June at 11.30am to 12:30pm. Join us to elect our 2023/24 committee, and for a presentation on the revised PAS 2080 carbon management standard.

We are now accepting nominations for the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Committee Members

Committee membership is open to all financial members of Water New Zealand is a great way to meet others working to decarbonize the sector and keep abreast of activities. Committee members are required to contribute to one of four workstreams in 2023/24 (Adaptation, Communication, Mitigation and Policy). Working groups generally meet on a monthly basis, and group chairs are additionally required to attend monthly committee meetings. Additional work outside of the meeting will vary depending on the group's self-determined initiatives.

Nominations - Have now Closed

Please see attached the activities that the group carried out over the 2022/2023 year and the upcoming events

2022 2023 round up and upcoming events.pdf

The Revised PAS 2080 standard AGM info session

The updated PAS 2080:2023 Carbon management in buildings and infrastructure and Guidance Notes are now available online. The guide provides a foundation for decarbonisation maturity, leadership, systems thinking, collaboration to remove blockers, whole of life vision, and driving carbon management into the value chain.

Tim Barry, Watercare’s Infrastructure Interface Manager has been involved in the guides development and will share an update on how the standards can be used to help organisations within the water sector achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change

2022 2023 round up and upcoming events.pdf

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08 May 2023