Risks and Disasters: Knowing how much risk you have is one thing; having that risk become a reality is another


Clarity around who owns how much risk is key to helping set the stage for healthy pre-event flood risk management activities. After a disaster strikes, that same clarity helps people decide how to recover given possible shifts in their risk appetite given the event. Credible data, effective communication, and planning are key to aligning risks, rewards, and resources both before and after flood events.

This event is a hybrid seminar. You can join us at the venue or online

Doug Bellomo is Vice President in the water business line at AECOM focusing in the area of flood risk management and resilience. Previously Doug served as a senior technical advisor for flood risk management at the US Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources working in the areas of Dam and Levee Safety, the National Flood Risk Management Program, coastal flood risk management efforts, and floodplain management services. Before joining the US Army Corps, Doug was the Director of the Risk Analysis Division within the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There he oversaw implementation of several National Programs including the Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) program, the National Dam Safety Program, and FEMA’s Mitigation Planning operations. In his capacity at AECOM, Doug is assisting clients in improving delivery of floodplain management services, helping them prepare strong mitigation grant application packages, and working collaboratively across disciplines, particularly at the intersection of flood risk management and nature-based solutions. Doug is a professional engineer and holds a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering. He has been working in the fields of flood hazard identification, risk management, emergency management, and mitigation since 1993.