IPWEA NZ 2018 Conference


The 2018 IPWEA NZ conference, to be held in Rotorua Thu 21& Fri 22 June 2018.

New Format

  • Welcome drinks on Wednesday evening for those in Rotorua – there will also be optional activities and workshops Wednesday afternoon – watch this space for further details!
  • Two full conference days on Thursday and Friday with functions on both evenings.

The theme is ‘Disruption – the pathway to Resilience’. We live in constantly changing times and disruption. These disruptors can be natural events – earthquakes, flooding, storms. Or they can be changes in technology. Or they can be financial shocks. And they can be positive events. Disruption creates greater challenges and demands – some of which the infrastructure sector has not had to deal with in the past.

We see changes in demand and expectations of levels of services and different ways of doing things and delivering for our communities. While we seek to understand what the changes and challenges of the future might look like, there is uncertainty.

How do we provide for and enable our communities to become more resilient? To not only bounce back – but bounce forward after disruption occurs.

This builds on past conference themes around responding to change. The 2018 theme focuses on how we can support our communities through disruption and changing times. “Disruption – the pathway to Resilience” is about building for the future, by accepting that change will occur, and that these changes can be embraced as opportunities to catalyse positive changes in how communities operate.

The organising committee are well advanced in confirming a range of exciting national and international keynote speakers. These will both provide a wider perspective of the influences on our industry, and also take a closer look at some of the revolutionary developments that are expected to bring disruptive change to our infrastructure.

Top quality technical papers will be complimented by a fascinating array of technical tours, with unique local flavour. Evening dinners will be accompanied by entertainment and the Annual Excellence Awards. Service and product suppliers will be on hand to inform you of their latest developments, and will have the time for relaxed discussion.

This will be a fabulous conference. Northern region is delighted to host this conference. Join us for unparalleled education, networking, entertainment, and a break from the normal routine.

Visit the conference website for more information.

  • 21/06/2018 - 22/06/2018
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  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Energy Events Centre , Rotorua, NZ