The New Zealand Water Challenge


Water is one of the world’s most significant sustainability challenges, with the dual pressures of population growth and climate change placing an increasing strain on global water resources – both from an availability and quality perspective.

New Zealand is not immune to these global water challenges. The sustainability of New Zealand’s water resources is an increasingly important focus for government, business and communities. Concerns about the impact of both urban and rural activities on water quality have led to increasing scrutiny on business practices – water efficiency, stormwater and wastewater management – as well as business’ involvement in broader water stewardship activities.

Climate change is also leading to more frequent and intense weather events that are affecting New Zealand’s water resources, from the summer 2017-2018 droughts affecting rural areas, through to the March 2017 Tasman Tempest that disrupted Auckland’s water supply. Water is also present throughout most organisations’ supply chains, whether locally through the large hydropower proportion of New Zealand’s electricity grid, or further afield within the materials, minerals, natural fibres or ingredients sourced from around the world.

With this escalating interest in global and local water issues, join the IEMA New Zealand regional network to explore the challenges and opportunities for water, and the implications for business. The event will consider a range of issues, including:

  • The state of New Zealand’s freshwater quality. Why should we be worried?
  • What tools and solutions we have available, from ecosystem services to green infrastructure systems.
  • What is water footprinting? And how might it help address these growing concerns?

Confirmed speakers include: Dr Mike Joy and Professor Sarah McLaren of Massey University, Chris Tanner from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and Noel Roberts from Water New Zealand.

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  • Auckland (Auckland Council, 135 Albert Street)
  • Wellington (Ministry for the Environment, Environment House, 23 Kate Sheppard Place)
  • Hamilton (BECA, Level 2, Waitomo House, 6 Garden Place)
  • Online (Skype)”

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  • 05/07/2018
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  • 17:30 - 19:30
  • Various, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, NZ