IPWEA Emotional Agility Workshop


Just like physical agility, emotional agility is important to overall health, well-being and successful relationships at work, and in life. Developing our ‘softskills’ and taking time out to tap into our goals and values, supports us in the successful application of our technical skills. The irony of these being called “soft skills” is that they are the hardest to master, and the skills that we need to advance our career.


You will leave this workshop with practical insights and tools to enable you to more deliberately and effectively understand and manage your own and others’ emotions. This training will also give you better insights and skills to have better relationships both inside and outside of work.


  • improve your leadership capability and relationships
  • increase your influence
  • allow you to proactively build and maintain the mental toughness and resilience required for peak performance
  • detect when someone is becoming negatively impacted by stress
  • diagnose and avoid the most common causes of personality clash and conflict
  • Leave the workshop feeling more empowered, more equipped to deal with stress, and with a clearer sense of direction, purpose and achieving your goals.


    This workshop is facilitated by Dr Paul Wood. Paul is a high-energy and engaging facilitator who works with everyone from the Treasury to the Hurricanes. He is a regular contributor in the media and his TEDx presentation on his personal journey from delinquent to doctor of psychology has received more than 300,000 views on YouTube and was named one of the Top 10 TED talks by the New Zealand Herald. Paul specialises in assisting individuals and organisations reach and maintain peak performance and well-being.

    You can learn more about Dr Paul Wood at his coaching and consulting website: www.switchconsulting.co.nz.

    “He was insightful, authentic, incredible, and real... and easily was one of the most inspiring interviews we’ve had on the show.” Watch Dr Paul’s interview on the AM show here


    Register today at www.ipwea.org/nz