Bromley Wastewater Treatment Plant Visit


S O L D - O U T

Water New Zealand and CIWEMNZ are thrilled to be able to welcome you to join us for an afternoon tour of the Bromely Wastewater Treatment Plant and get to know more about the plant, how the earthquakes affected it, the recovery and what we are doing to prepare for the future.


  • 3pm - Arrive at site - Tea & coffee
  • 330pm - Site Induction & Health and Safety Briefing
  • 335pm - Karakia, CIWEM and Water New Zealand Update - Liam Foster, WSP
  • 345pm - Presentation on Christchurch Wastewater and the Treatment Plant - Adam Twose, Christchurch City Council
  • 415pm - Q&A and Site Tour groupings
  • 425pm - Site Walkover
  • 530pm - Site tour ends


There is limited amount of PPE available at site, but if you could bring your own, that would be apricated.

  • Fully enclosed footwear (preferable steel toe-caps)
  • long clothing (i.e. sleeves and trousers)
  • Hi-Viz vest
  • Safety glasses
  • Hard-Hat
  • Clothes appropriate to the weather (i.e. 1.5-2km walking outside)


The address of the site is 230 Pages Road, and the site is accessed via Shuttle Drive. Drive down Shuttle Drive and pull up close to the front gate and it should automatically open. Reverse park in the car park and proceed to the building signed "Reception". Please sign in at the signing in station (here to see Adam Twose), the smoko room where we will start from is next to the signing in station.

  • 28/04/2021
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  • 15:00 - 17:30
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant   Shuttle Drive   Christchurch   NZ
  • Free Members Free Non Members
Site Visit