Growing Kai Under Increasing Dry


How is the changing climate, in particular drought, going to impact our primary sector and rural communities?

“Growing Kai Under Increasing Dry” will bring together the research with farmers/growers and policymakers to better understand how Aotearoa’s farmers growers and community in general can adapt to the ‘new normal’ that is a changing climate. By bringing together the latest in climate modelling and adaptation research with the policymakers and farmers and growers this hui will ask how we can continue to grow and adapt for the future.

With three webinars covering the background of the issue in the lead up to the symposium we are hoping that the event itself will create a platform for discussion and an uncovering of a new understanding of not only the risks but the potential solutions to ensure that Aotearoa is prepared and resilient in the face of the changes that are coming.

Just what that support looks like and how it is determined will all be part of the discussion - come and join us in person or online to be part of this future focused conversation.

What is a rolling symposium? Three short background webinars, bringing you the latest in climate projections, drought resilience research and land-use science, culminating in an all-day event to generate evidence-based conversation around future drought policy.

Find more about the three background webinars in our rolling symposium: