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National Lifeline Utilities Forum 2021


This Forum brings together those delivering infrastructure resilience to discuss the latest developments and opportunities.

The forum is free for invited participants from regional Lifelines Groups, national lifeline utilities, CDEM Sector, critical lifelines users, research agencies and others improving New Zealand’s infrastructure resilience.

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Feature sessions

• Keynote by Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult, followed by lifeline utility presentations on building infrastructure resilience in Otago.

• Opportunities for Resilience Building through key Government Initiatives (30-year Infrastructure Strategy, Climate Change Action Plan, Government Infrastructure Investment).

• Implications of major industry changes and reforms (fuel/gas, three waters reform).

• Iwi perspectives on infrastructure resilience planning.

• Research to Action – How NZ’s major hazards and infrastructure research programmes are translating into meaningful action.

• Tour some of Otago’s key infrastructure sites and challenging landscape features (pre-forum event on 2nd November)

Pre-Forum Events

Tuesday 2nd November 2021:

  • 10.15am – 1.15pm: Lifeline Utility Coordinator Forum QLDC Council Chambers (invite only, for CDEM Lifeline Utility Coordinators only).
  • 1.45pm – 5.30pm: Queenstown / Central Otago Infrastructure Tour: see overleaf.

Wednesday 3rd November 2021:

  • 8.00am – 9.30am: Breakfast meeting of the Project Managers and Chairs of regional Lifelines Groups (invite only)