First IAHR Online Forum Webcast 7 July 2021

What are world leading hydraulic engineers doing about climate change?

Join us in the Flood Risk Management webcast scheduled by the IAHR for 5:00-6:30pm NZ time on 7 July. This has been planned as a late Wednesday afternoon slot - ideal for New Zealand engineers to meet in workplaces or venues where they can view the webcast together over a beer or a cup of coffee.

See for details of this important event.

Professor Cheng represents vast Chinese experience with the “sponge city” approach to stormwater management, and he is now offering a strategic move from "strict defense" to "proactive diversion". This will be sure to promote active discussion among our stormwater and flood specialists.

My talk “Re-using stormwater detention reservoirs for pumped energy storage” will challenge both our stormwater designers and our pumped storage hydropower researchers to find joint design solutions which eliminate the need for carbon-burning gas turbines (or the latest equivalent mega-batteries) to firm up wind and solar power generation in urban centres. The resulting solutions will both reduce future carbon emissions and mitigate more extreme flooding caused by historical emissions.

Hope to see all our engineers tune in, and perhaps even participate in the Q&A session afterwards