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Workshop: Commercial Vermicomposting of Organic Waste

This interactive workshop is designed to both inform and demonstrate all aspects of how commercial Vermicomposting (Worm farming) can successfully reduce the Organic Waste volume dumped into landfills in New Zealand.

The workshop will have a range of presentations with case studies from food and fibre processing industries, councils, tourism operations, office buildings, resthomes and more. We are comparing pro and cons of Vermicomposting versus Thermal composting and Anaerobic Digestion from social-cultural, commercial, and environmental aspects.

On day two we will visit the commercial ‘Worm Farm’ in Taupō and explain what is required to establish a vermicomposting operation elsewhere in New Zealand.

Make use of the plenty of opportunities to find answers to your organic waste problem and share information and knowledge across industries.

MyNoke has vermicomposted more than 1 million tonnes of organic waste and is the largest vermicomposting operator globally. Over 250,000 t of biosolids have been vermicomposted in New Zealand so far. Our aim is to convert 1 mio tonnes of organic resources to 250,000 tonnes of soil humus (worm casting) annually. Reducing GHG emissions but helping sequester carbon towards a carbon neutral industry, community, and nation.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Integration of vermicomposting in land management - Why Vermicast is delivering 100% Pure NZ
  • Vermicomposting from a cultural perspective
  • Circular Economy and Reducing the Carbon Footprint through vermicomposting
  • Packaging for the Future
  • Economics of diverting Organic Waste from Landfills
  • What are the options available? (Composting, thermo-composting, anaerobic digester, vermicomposting)
  • Plus a full breakdown of the vermicomposting process, inputs, outputs and a tour of a commercial vermicomposting facility combined with plenty of question & discussion times.

Registration fee covers:

  • Welcome Coffee, Tea
  • Mind blowing presentations with plenty of opportunity to discuss details, knowledge transfer and new insights
  • Case studies of successful industrial vermicomposting operations in New Zealand (biosolids, paper mills solids and ash, milk sludge, food waste, paper waste)
  • Site visit of MyNoke Vermicomposting Operation (meet the worm force at work)
  • Lunch (both days of course)
  • Social Dinner
  • One on One Session with MyNoke Management to start tailoring your solution (booking required)