Stormwater Conference Workshop: Making Stormwater Greater

As we head into water reform, stormwater is again pushed to the back of the queue. Decision makers, the regulator and the public are all being told to focus on water and wastewater. Understanding and building the capability of these influential groups to understand the relevance of urban stormwater is not something we have done effectively as an industry.

Programmes such as Safeswim in Auckland demonstrate how the right messages delivered in the right way to the right audience, can create a step change in outcomes, and funding those outcomes.

The Challenge: Raising awareness of Stormwater with a wide, non-technical audience is key

Workshop Purpose

Identify co-ordinated actions that can be taken at the national, regional, local or individual level to raise awareness of the role urban stormwater plays in Aotearoa New Zealand’s water future for an agreed target audience. Attendees should be able to leave the workshop with information they can take back to their region, such as:

  1. Who to target
  2. Key messages
  3. Techniques and methods to use
  4. Existing available resources
  5. Who to connect with nationally

We Need Your Ideas

  • If you are passionate about Making Stormwater Greater and raising the awareness of stormwater with decision makers and the public, we need you to attend!
  • We would love to have a diverse range of stormwater practitioners from different cultural backgrounds, locations, organisations, and experience. Everyone is welcome!
  • The workshop is likely to involve breaking into small groups as well as group discussions to generate and share ideas – you will get an opportunity to contribute your ideas.

Preparing for the Workshop

  1. 1. To get the most out of the workshop try to set aside any time you can to ponder the challenge and note down your thoughts to bring along on the day.
  2. 2. If you are aware of existing awareness raising/education initiatives, please bring these along too.

You will need to register to attend the conference and you can do this to attend the workshop.

  • Thursday 19th May 2022 1130am to 1230pm
  • Dobson 4
  • Te Pae
  • Otahutai, Christchurch

Join Linda Norman as she facilitates the discussion with:

  • Allan Leahy, Auckland Council
  • Clare Feeney, Environmental Communications Ltd
  • James Reddish, WSP
  • Bruce Balaei, GHD
  • Mumtaz Parker, Water New Zealand

On how on Making Stormwater Greater during water reform