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Perspectives on Data - A Water Break to the Regulator - Panel Discussion

Rejoin Hugh Blake-Manson as he and the presenters from the 8th June webinar for a group discussion around how data can be used to lift the performance of the water sector:

  • Rachael Casey - RATA "A collective approach"
  • Andy Gaul - NELMAC "On the ground"
  • Mark Homenuke - Water Outlook "Data Services"
  • Michael Howden - Taumata Arowai "Our Water Data Ecosystem"

This webinar invites everyone across the water sector to bring together our collective knowledge and experiences of digital and smart water initiatives and solutions, collaborate together and strive towards standards and consistent approaches to enhance the water sector, which is even more important during the ongoing reforms.

8th June webinar recording

8th June presentation


Rachael Casey

Rachael Casey

Rachael Casey is the Water Collaborations Lead at Regional Asset Technical Accord (RATA). She has over 10 years’ experience in Water Quality and Forensic Science with a focus now on collaborative projects for the Waikato region in Three Waters Asset Management and Regulatory requirements. Rachael believes that sharing of knowledge and processes is a necessity for enabling best practice across New Zealand.

Andy Gaul

Andy Gaul

Starting his Water journey in Vienna Austria working on standards, rules and training programs for the Water Sector for nearly 10 years he moved to NZ ending up managing a 3 Waters Contract for Nelmac in Nelson. Spending around 15 years in the water sector made him a strong advocate for everything is possible. We just need to start and put some effort behind it. Andy is fascinated by the changes the Water reform will bring and watches closely the technological and IT changes in the sector to utilise them in the best way to achieve Wai ora - Tangata ora.