Te Motu a Hiaroa (Puketutu Island) Site Visit - Tour 3


Join the Auckland YWP’s on a site tour of Te motu a Hiaroa (Puketutu Island) a volcanic island in the Manukau Harbour where Auckland’s biosolids are rehabilitating the cultural landmark.

Formed by volcanic eruption 30,000 years ago, the island became the first home of the crew of the Tainui waka on their arrival in Aotearoa. Fast forward seven centuries or so and its four volcanic cones were quarried to help build Auckland Airport’s runways in the 1950s. Now, Watercare and Fulton Hogan have started Phase 5 of the island's multi-year rehabilitation. This will result, by 2049, in the original four volcanic cones being ‘remade’ with biosolids from Watercare’s nearby Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The island will then enter yet another phase in its history, as a public regional park.

Watercare’s Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant treats 330 tonnes of biosolids every day, and this is destined for pre-constructed cells on the island. The system includes a sealed liner and pump system that captures and returns leachate to Mangere.

This is an opportunity for young water professionals to observe the placement of Auckland’s biosolids, as well as understand the methodology of reconstructing the original maunga landform and the cultural significance of the land.

Additional information on the site can be found here

PPE requirements - hi vis, hard hat, closed in shoes, long sleeves and longs pants


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11 Jul 2022