Special Interest Groups

Water New Zealand Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are technical divisions within the Association. They bring together members with the same interests to liaise, share and solve problems, promote their field of interest, distribute information, provide a forum for discussion, and undertake to develop and maintain industry standards and policies.

SIG members can engage in these activities with specialty conferences and workshops, by producing conference or workshop papers relating to their area of interest, SIG meetings, and electronic discussion groups.

Each group is lead by a management committee, assisted by staff at Water New Zealand.

Joining a Special Interest Group

Membership of the groups is open to all Water New Zealand members. If you are a member and wish to belong to one of the existing SIGs, simply go to your 'Dashboard' and 'My Subscriptions' and add yourself to the relevant groups. Feel free to also send an email to the SIG Liaison.

If you are not a current member, visit our membership page for more information. Remember to tick the appropriate Special Interest Group box when completing the Membership Application form.

Starting a new Special Interest Group

If you are a member and interested in setting up a SIG, you are welcome to contact our Chief Executive to discuss your ideas.

Water Groups

Water New Zealand facilitates and is actively involved in a number of water groups in the water sector.