Havelock North Water Contamination


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Government Inquiry into the Havelock North Drinking Water under the Inquiries Act 2013 in the Matter of Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking-water

Minute No: 1 Preliminary Matters and Initial Hearing 17 October 2016

Minute No. 2: Stages of the inquiry and processes for evidence 28 October 2016

Minute No. 3: Preliminary Matters and Initial Hearing 14 November 2016

Minute No. 4: Directions for Hearing into Issue 8 (What Actions or Further Actions Should be Taken to Ensure the Safe Supply of Drinking Water to Havelock North

Decision of the Inquiry Panel on Application for Postponement 22 November 2016

Public information documents

Decision of the Inquiry on application for postponement 22 November 2016

List of Issues: Stage One to the Government Inquiry into the Havelock North Inquiry

160912 Final TOR Havelock North Inquiry.pdf

Ensuring our drinking water is safe - the chlorination debate

Guidance documents

Drinking Water Quality in the Horizons Region

Community Drinking-Water Supply Assessment in Horizons Region

Guidelines for Well Owners - Horizons Regional Council

How Safe Is My Well Water - Horizons Regional Council

Ministry of Health - Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Management for New Zealand 2016


The Department of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Health


Tonkin & Taylor Contamination Investigation - Brookvale Road No.3 Bore - Havelock North

Ministry of Health - Annual Report on Drinking-water Quality 2014-15

Community & Public Health Report to the Darfield Community July - August 2012