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Welcome to the homepage for Water New Zealand's Modelling Group. The Modelling Group caters to all people involved or interested in Modelling in the water industry.

The Modelling Group Web Forum is a place where members with an interest in Modelling can connect.

The Modelling Group has a membership of over 200 interested people throughout New Zealand. Member interests are represented by an elected management committee, who operate under the umbrella of Water New Zealand.

The Groups key objectives include:

  • Provide a forum for discussion between users of planning and management tools in the areas of stormwater, wastewater (reticulation and treatment), surface water (piped stormwater and rivers), groundwater and water supply (reticulation and treatment) and the coastal environment.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between relevant organisations including operating and regulating organisations and other interested or experienced bodies.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the use of models as planning tools and their application through research and previous experience of the group.
  • Provide a mechanism through Water New Zealand for promoting excellence in the use of models as planning tools in the industry.
  • Organise symposia and other meetings to fulfil the Group's objectives.
  • Report on progress and activities of the Group through Water New Zealand.

View the Modelling Group Terms of Reference here.

We welcome your comments and feedback - please contact the Modelling Group liaison.

Water New Zealand members can view the Modelling committees details here.