Our Values

To inspire and align action a composition of values has been formed by the committee in collaboration with the industry. These values for stormwater are underpinned by what we as an industry collectively believe in. The 10 values include:

  1. We believe everyone is a customer of stormwater services.
  2. We believe extreme weather is becoming a fact of life and floods will appear more frequently and more severely.
  3. We believe in the need to shift away from the linear, exploitative model of urban water management towards a more considered approach that reflects the importance of healthy water for thriving communities.
  4. We believe stormwater is not just about getting water from one place to another, but an opportunity to create vibrant public places.
  5. We believe fish have the right to migrate and thrive in urban water networks.
  6. We believe rivers need to move and our roads, pathways, floodplains and locations for building should reflect this.
  7. We believe a stormwater treatment device only works as well as it is maintained.
  8. We believe good stormwater design reduces the amount and form of hard infrastructure and impervious surfaces.
  9. We believe stormwater is a system that is best managed at the catchment level.
  10. We believe a holistic mindset is needed in this time of shrinking budgets, aging infrastructure, and increased ratepayer expectation.