Photo Competition 2024

Thank you to those who submitted their ‘water’ photos for our 2024 Photo Competition. We asked you for great photos that showcase water in one of four categories - our people, assets, innovation and natural environment.

If you have any questions - contact Pip Donnelly .


  1. Richard Sutton - Sipit autosampler in Avon River - Ilam Stream, University of Canterbury Campus, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ - Testing ESR’s experimental composite autosampler in the Ilam Stream, where it flows through the University of Canterbury campus
  2. Bronwyn Humphries - Sampling Groundwater On-site WW research facility - Hynds and Environment Canterbury on-site wastewater research facility - Sampling groundwater for Emerging Organic Contaminants (EOCs) and Stygofauna down gradient from on-site wastewater discharge at the ESR, Hynds and Environment Canterbury on-site wastewater research facility
  3. Emily Collings - Queenstown, Village Green - Queenstown, Horne Creek, Village Green - Why not daylight our waterways and make aesthetic amenity spaces for all to enjoy?!

Natural Environment

  1. Richard Sutton - Ilam Stream UC Campus - Ilam Stream, University of Canterbury Campus, Christchurch, Canterbury - The Ilam Stream flowing under Clyde Road, leaving the University of Canterbury Campus to weave through the backyards of Ilam and Fendalton, before joining the Avon River on it’s journey through the city to the sea.
  2. Richard Sutton - Punga Cove - Punga Cove, Marlborough Sounds - Sometimes field work can take you to locations you wouldn’t normally get to visit, this time we were lucky to undertake some research at Punga Cove in the Marlborough Sounds
  3. Richard Sutton - Avon River - Umbrella - Avon River Chch - Urban waterways often end up on the receiving end of stormwater, wastewater, miscellaneous rubbish and other items. This umbrella has become part of the ecosystem in the Avon River, a change from the more common schools of road cones. Photo taken underwater
  4. Ben Hemara - Wgtn Harbour from Petone Beach - Petone Beach, Wellington Harbour - Sunset from Petone Beach in Wellington Harbour after a storm
  5. Ben Hemara - Sunny Day from Petone Beach in B&W - Petone Beach, Wellington Harbour - A sunny day from Petone Beach in Wellington taken on 35mm Black and White film.
  6. Maya Hasegawa - The Mightly Waikato - Waikato River - The Mighty Waikato River from the top of Hakarimata Summit, on a bright and sunny day
  7. Maya Hasegawa - The Power of Water at the Waitomo Caves - The Waitomo Caves - The power of the water can be seen in each carved piece of the Waitomo caves, just like in the Brazilian saying “Soft water, hard rock. Hit many times and a hole will be made”.
  8. Maya Hasegawa - Lake edge in Rotorua - Lake Rotorua - For us, humans, the smell may not be pleasant, but for all the creatures living at the rich and bright Rotorua, it may not matter at all
  9. Maya Hasegawa - Water times 3 in Nelson Lakes - Nelson Lakes - The magic of the Water in it’s 3 states in one photo: liquid, gas and solid – from the sunny Nelson lake
  10. Emily Collings - Where Harrison River meets Milford Sound - Milford Sound - ‘’The Wai to our why’’ - as engineers and citizens we must do our upmost to protect the natural environment for future generations (human and ecological) to thrive.
  11. Emily Collings - Mirror Lakes, Fiordland National Park - Mirror Lakes, Fiordland National Park - ‘’We do not inherit the Papatūānuku from our Whakapapa; we only borrow it from our Tamariki’’ – the natural environment sustains life and we must do our upmost to protect its health and well-being (Te Mana o te Wai)
  12. Emily Collings - Charlies Rock, Kerikeri, Far North - Charlies Rock, Kerikeri, Far North - Charlie’s Rock, Kerikeri, Far North. ‘’Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au’’ – lets aim for safe swimming waters, always!

Our Assets

  1. Maya Hasegawa - Lake in the village of Hobbiton - Hobbiton - You may think these pictures are of an almost ordinary lake, but wait…. What's that we see? Ah, the magical Hobbiton! What's more Kiwi than this little town?
  2. Charmian Stone - Scenic Scruffy Dome - Lindis Pass, Central Otago - Scenic Scruffy Dome. Taken from the scenic lookout at the top of the Lindis Pass at dusk whilst I was on holiday
  3. Demelza Armstrong - Raw Water Reservoir Waipa - Waipa Adjacent - Raw water Reservoir taken on a site visit to one of our treatment plants/intakes

Our People

  1. Richard Sutton - Barkers Creek Field Site - Barkers Creek Field Site, South Canterbury - ESR Principal Technician Phillip Abraham undertakes routine maintenance on the monitoring system at the Barkers Creek woodchip bioreactor. The bioreactor is currently removing nitrate from farm run off and our research is to quantify the effectiveness of this technology and it’s long term viability.
  2. Bronwyn Humphries - Bromley WWTP Oxidation Ponds - Bromley Wastewater Treatment Plant oxidation ponds (Christchurch City Council) - Sampling wastewater at the Bromley Wastewater Treatment Plant oxidation ponds for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) using an ISCO 3700 autosampler