Wastewater Digital Badge

Digital Badge

Wastewater 101

The Wastewater 101 digital badge is a fully online course designed to assist you with a basic understanding of wastewater and the components relating to wastewater disposal and the impact on communities and the environment.

By the end of this course you will:

  1. have a basic understanding of wastewater in NZ
  2. understand the history of wastewater
  3. understand what happens beyond flushing the toilet
  4. have an understanding of what Wastewater Treatment Plants do
  5. get an overview of some of the roles in wastewater

The course has been structured into a combination of reading, videos, resources and activities which should take 4 - 6 hours for you to complete and you can spread those hours over a 4 week period, as and when suits your schedule.

Once you've completed all the sections, including the quiz and feedback questions at the end, you will be awarded your digital badge.

COST Member: $175+GST Non-Member: $190+GST