Ministry of Health guidance on PPE and cleaning

The Ministry of Health has issued guidance on cleaning rooms/facilities following a suspected, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19. It is attached. The guidance mainly details the method of cleaning required – in terms of product they recommend any 2-in-1 cleaning product is suitable (i.e. one that has cleaning and disinfectant properties). The guidelines are quite detailed, but it is worth bearing in mind they are for instances where someone is a suspected, probable or confirmed case. So for general cleaning purposes where there is no suspected, probable or confirmed case I think the most useful piece of information in this guidance is that a 2-in-1 cleaning product is sufficient. 

The Ministry of Health have also issued guidance on face masks and hygiene here. The guidance provides detail on how to use PPE if required. But, more pertinently, it advises that facemasks and gloves are not recommended in workplaces where people can maintain a 1 metre distance from others. They also make the point (and this has been reinforced in a number of stand ups and other comms) that face masks are most useful on people who are infected, as it prevents the dispersal of droplets by an infected patient and the inhalation of droplets if within 1 metre of a coughing individual. For those who are not sick, hand washing and cough/sneeze etiquette will make the biggest difference.

COVID-19 Health and Safety

MoH cleaning guidelines.pdf

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27 Mar 2020