Vital conversation needed on three waters future

30 June 2021

Today’s release of the Government‘s three waters reform proposals provide central government, local government and their communities with the information needed for a vital conversation on the future of three waters (drinking, waste and stormwater).

Water New Zealand chief executive, Gillian Blythe says this is an important conversation, not only for those working in the three waters sector, but for all New Zealanders.

“Whatever the outcome, we all want to see resilient, healthy three waters delivery, and clean rivers and beaches. We need to be able to achieve that in an efficient and affordable way.”

She says the three waters sector is facing many challenges.

“There is a major infrastructure deficit looming and a growing shortage of skilled workers.

“We are already seeing the need for more highly skilled staff and whatever the outcome of the reforms, this is an area where there will be a need for further workforce growth.

“This is why Water New Zealand has been working with the sector to develop a workforce strategy to help map out, and meet, the skills required over the coming years.”

Water Reform