Brave Blue World Virtual Screening


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You are invited to a virtual screening of Brave Blue World, a feature-length (50-minute) documentary that examines how new technologies and innovations are being adopted in countries all over the world to create a more sustainable, optimistic water future.

The pioneering water film features compelling stories, beautiful scenery, and examples from across five continents to show novel ways of tackling water problems. It explores developments in areas such as water reuse, nutrient recovery, energy generation, decentralised treatment, and the digitisation of water. The film includes interviews with a variety of water experts, as well as high-profile advocates Matt Damon and Jaden Smith

You will be given a 72-hour view window to watch the documentary and we encourage you to watch the documentary at your workplace, school or organisation. At the close of the 72-hour viewing window there will be a panel discussion with a variety of water industry professionals.

When: 12-15 October 2020

  • 72-hour Viewing Window
  • On Monday 12 of October at 12 Noon all registered attendees will receive an email link with an access code to watch the documentary. You will have 72-hours to watch the documentary.
  • Panel Discussion
  • On Thursday 15 October at 12 Noon there will be a panel discussion / Q/A Zoom session.
  • Panellists are:
    • Rob Blakemore | Wellington Water
    • Joan Davidson | YWP Auckland Chair | Morrison Low
    • Clare Feeney | Stormwater Professional of the Year | Environmental Communications Ltd
    • Christine McCormack | Water Cycle Consulting

Register Online

Please register by 5 pm on Friday the 9th of October. This event is free of charge.

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  • If you are a non-Water New Zealand member, you will need to ‘sign up’ and create a password to register.

  • Proudly Presented by Water New Zealand in collaboration with the Water Environment Federation (WEF) who are a production partner for Brave Blue World.

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