Pipeline & Civil Project Award

Presented for the first time in 2016 the Pipeline & Civil Project Award provides recognition of excellence not only in the delivery of a project but also the contribution of various parties to the final outcome. Members are invited to nominate projects primarily associated with addressing water, wastewater and/or stormwater issues that highlight the projects technical expertise and the service applicants have provided to its clients.

Background for Award

The Association Awards Committee has discussed options for the development of a new award to recognise excellence in the delivery of a project.

The award will emphasise not only the quality of the final product, but the contribution of the various parties that inevitably contribute to the outcome. The Association is aware that often awards ceremonies give recognition to the contractor responsible for building a project, and may not necessarily fully recognise the contribution of others. For example, there are currently no awards run by any of the contracting or engineering Associations that recognise excellence in the selection and provision of goods or services to the successful completion of a project.

Our Association is comprised of a diversity of members - clients, designers, consultants, suppliers of goods and services and manufacturers of specialised equipment. While the client is often a District or City Council, we rarely recognise the part played in the successful completion of a project by the broad 'church' of members we represent.

To date the awards ceremony at our annual conference does not include a project award. That gap had previously been filled by companies entering suitable projects in the Engineering Excellence Awards (EEAs) run by the Engineering Leadership Forum. With the EEAs no longer occurring it is proposed that Water New Zealand establish a Project Award starting in 2016. The following covers some of the criteria for eligibility and how such an award might be judged.

Entry Requirements and Nominations

Conditions of Entry

  • Projects must be primarily associated with addressing water, wastewater and/or stormwater issues
  • Projects must have been undertaken by at least one member or members of Water New Zealand
  • Members may enter more than one project – this shall be markedly different from any other they have submitted for the Project Award
  • Projects must have been completed within three years from the date of application for the Award
  • The client and/or owner of the project must consent to the submission of an entry and publication of material emanating from the submission – including media associated with any awards ceremony
  • The project(s) may have won other awards in the Water New Zealand portfolio or in other jurisdictions.

Entry Requirements

Judging will give consideration to the following elements:

  • What role the client played in project delivery, other than funding
  • How the consultants and engineers to the project contributed to its satisfactory completion
  • How the project shows effective use of staff, contractors and sub-contractors
  • The contribution of good project management to the project
  • Any specialist services provided by consultants
  • The contribution of other disciplines to the project that are not directly engineering related – such as environmental, planning, community consultation, media relations etc
  • The importance of the plant, equipment and other materials used in construction, especially its durability and design life
  • Of particular interest is the selection process for the principal materials, plant and equipment used in construction
  • The quality of the completed physical works
  • How the project has relevance and benefits to New Zealand.

Complexity: technical requirements of the job, difficulties over-come, special features of the project; sufficient technical detail such that the excellence of the work can be identified.

However, as not all judges are likely to have a specialist technical background the language needs to be such that the submission can be understood by a general intelligent reader.

Innovation: originality and development of new design techniques; unique features and solutions.

Materials and Plant: what role the selection and use of particular material or plant and equipment have played in the successful outcome.

Depth & Extent of Technical Expertise: value of the technical solution, or development of the new technique or process to the industry.

Elegance of the solution: the appropriateness of the solution chosen; aesthetic values

Environmental considerations: significance to the public and/or community values; special natural environmental considerations (compliance with RMA is a given); sustainable design: triple bottom line issues.

Presentation: relating to the thoroughness of content, professionalism of presentation, and comprehensive material.

Client Satisfaction: meeting the client’s requirements and budget, and the client/consultant relationship. This may be discussed in your submission and the judges will also take into account the client’s view as expressed in the client letter and in discussion with the client.

Other Criteria to Note

The Judging Panel are your peers, with a great wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering. Too often submissions are written and put together by marketing personnel, and lack hearty technical detail to sufficiently judge a projects merits. The entry is being judged on the technical expertise and service the applicants have provided to its clients.

Therefore we recommend someone from the project team should be heavily involved in writing the submission.

Quality of Physical Presentation – entries should be of a high standard and may contain as many drawings, photos and images as are necessary to make a good submission.

It is worth remembering that the judges may have many entries to read. Long and complicated submissions will not necessarily be helpful to a submitters cause.

Completed nominations and accompanying documentation shall be directed to Amy Samuelu, by 5pm Friday, 9 August 2019:

Amy Samuelu
04 495 0894


The total value of the package is currently $2500.00.

Recognition of the winner of the prestigious Pipeline & Civil Project Award will occur annually at an awards ceremony during the Water New Zealand Annual Conference.

Judges and Judging Criteria

All entries will be assessed by a panel of four judges. The judges will be appointed from time-to-time by the Board of Water New Zealand.

The judges reserve the right to not offer the award depending on the quality of entries. The judges’ decision will be final.


Water New Zealand thanks Pipeline & Civil for its generous sponsorship of this award.

Past Recipients of the Award:

CH2M Beca
Watercare Mangere WWTP BNR Upgrade

Hunua 4 Watermain Project

MWH (now Stantec)
Eastern Selwyn Sewerage Scheme