Good Practice Guide for the Supply of Chlorine for use in Water Treatment

This Guide covers requirements for ensuring liquefied chlorine gas (commonly known as liquid chlorine) sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite are of a suitable quality for use in drinking water treatment.

This Guide does not cover:

  • Chlorine products for use in swimming pool water treatment or other applications.
  • Environmental protection or health and safety measures associated with the use of chlorine including labelling, site and storage, transportation, packaging or disposal requirements.
  • Operational procedures for using chlorine.


The main purpose of this Guide is to provide purchasers, manufacturers and suppliers with the minimum physical, chemical and testing requirements for chlorine to meet safe limits for drinking water supplies. The requirements align with requirements for drinking-water safety outlined in the Drinking Water Standards forNew Zealand (Ministry of Health, 2008).

Technical Documents

Supply of Chlorine Third Edition.pdf

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21 Sep 2016