Meet the delegations from Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia at Ozwater

9 Apr 2019

Below is an update you on the International delegations attending Ozwater and inquire if you wished to meet the delegations and get involved in their program. Please follow up with An Nguyen and Paul Smith with your interest in meeting the SEAsian delegations and we will send you details of their activities during Ozwater.

The SEAsian delegations attending Ozwater include:


  • Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (AWA MoU Partner)
  • 5 Vietnam Water utilities involved in twinning program
  • Other Vietnam water utilities
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Ministry of Construction
  • Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Vietnam Water Directorate
  • Vietnam private sector companies
  • ADB Vietnam
  • DFAT post

The Vietnam Climate Innovation Centre (VCIC), the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and AWA have been developing an artificial intelligence business matching software tool called VTEX ( The MoST and VCIC will be provide information and training seminars on VTEX during Ozwater. Please advise An and myself if you would like to arrange an appointment with MoST and VCIC at Ozwater.

AWA are soon to call for proposals for the next round of small scale drinking water technology installation in Vietnam and AWA can brief you more on this at Ozwater should you be interested.


  • PERPAMSI – AWA MoU partner and peak water association of Indonesia
  • Cambodian water utilities
  • Indonesia Ministry – DGHS
  • Indonesian Ministry BPPSPAM
  • Indonesian Ministry BAPPANES
  • Indonesia Private sector companies
  • KIAT Team (DFAT Water Fund)
  • DFAT post

AWA are about to commence a Water Utility Improvement Program (twinning) between Australian and Indonesia water utilities and now looking for private companies to get involved in the program to trial technology that can be applied to advance the objectives of the twinning program including: Asset Management, Non-Revenue Water, drinking water technology and wastewater technology and supply – demand planning. Please advise AWA if you wished to get involved in this program. There will also be opportunities for you to hear about upcoming tenders from the DFAT KIAT water infrastructure program in Indonesia.


  • Cambodian Water Association (AWA MoU Partner)
  • Cambodian Water utilities
  • Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
  • Ministry of Rural Development
  • Cambodian private sector companies
  • DFAT post
  • 3i Program team members (DFAT water fund)

AWA are now commencing a DFAT funded program in Cambodia including:

  • Water Utility Improvement Program between Australia and Cambodia water utility
  • Drinking water technology demonstrations and capacity building
  • Business introductions between Cambodian and Australian private sector companies

Please contact An or I if you wished to get involved in the Cambodian Program.

AWA are also preparing for the Australian delegations to Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam during 2019 and I have provide information below for your consideration. Please contact AWA should you be interested in joining these delegations.

  • Indonesia Water & Wastewater Expo & Forum: 18-20 September, Jakarta, Indonesia. The event, hosted by AWA’s MoU partner and the peak water supply association of Indonesia (PERPAMSI), offers the opportunity to network with more than 200 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors from 10 countries and regions. The Association will be coordinating exhibition space in the Australian Pavilion, business matching workshops, workshops with the Indonesian and Australian utilities involved in the Water Utility Improvement Program, networking night and site tour to water treatment facilities.
  • Cambodian Water Conference and Exhibition, 30-October – 1 November 2019: Following the signing of the MoU between AWA and the Cambodian Water Association in 2018, AWA will be coordinating a delegation to attend the CWA’s annual conference and exhibition. The program will include business introductions, networking events, exhibition space in the Australian pavilion and site tours.

Vietwater 2019: 4-8 November 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Built from the largest Australian delegations to ever travel to Vietnam for Vietnam for Vietwater’15, 16, 17 and 18 with over 320 Australian delegates, the Association is coordinating the 5th Australian delegation to Vietwater 2019 which attracts over 15,000 delegates from over 500 countries and includes a series of workshops, business meetings, a site tour and networking events designed to facilitate strengthened partnerships. Delegates will have their company details profiled in the VTEX Australia-Vietnam business matching platform with no less the three pre-arranged business meetings for each delegate. The program for last year’s Vietwater delegation can be viewed at: