Possible NZ inclusion in an Australian Passive Grease Trap Standard

22 May 2019

Water New Zealand is keen to hear from members if there is an appetite to join Australia in creating a joint AS /NZS standard.

Previous joint standards have had a joining of approximately $25k plus NZ participant expenses which have been funded by the industry.

This new Australian standard will provide the manufacturing and testing requirements for a Passive Grease Traps which are intended to be used for above ground.

The following items are proposed for inclusion:

1. Servicing access requirements

How much space to be retained around and above grease traps to allow vehicle and people to access them and perform servicing functions

2. Trafficable and non-trafficable lids

Size, type and strength of lids requirements

3. Performance criteria and testing

4. Structural Integrity

There is a need to ensure the structural integrity of all passive grease traps, in-ground and above ground, in all foreseeable conditions.

If you are interested then please contact