Possible NZ inclusion in an Australian Passive Grease Trap Standard

Water New Zealand is keen to hear from members if there is an appetite to join Australia in creating a joint AS /NZS standard.

Previous joint standards have had a joining of approximately $25k plus NZ participant expenses which have been funded by the industry.

This new Australian standard will provide the manufacturing and testing requirements for a Passive Grease Traps which are intended to be used for above ground.

The following items are proposed for inclusion:

1. Servicing access requirements

How much space to be retained around and above grease traps to allow vehicle and people to access them and perform servicing functions

2. Trafficable and non-trafficable lids

Size, type and strength of lids requirements

3. Performance criteria and testing

4. Structural Integrity

There is a need to ensure the structural integrity of all passive grease traps, in-ground and above ground, in all foreseeable conditions.

If you are interested then please contact