CIWEM Upgrades its Training for Mentors

22 May 2019

When it comes to continuing professional development, mentors matter. CIWEM has relaunched its training programme for would-be mentors. Eugene O’Connell explains why.

Tell us about CIWEM’s mentor-training programme

CIWEM-accredited mentors play a key role in developing and shaping business leaders of the future. We have significantly redeveloped CIWEM’s mentor-training programme and will relaunch it on 11July. This one-day, interactive course provides the skills and tools needed to be an effective mentor. It is designed to support and enhance CIWEM members’ career and personal development needs.

How has the training programme changed, and why?

Because the art and skills of mentoring have advanced considerably in the last few years, CIWEM is changing its programme to equip mentors with the most effective listening, questioning and interpretive techniques. The programme delivers fresh case studies and insights to ensure that programme attendees are skilled at the how, as well as the what, of mentoring

What milestones has the training programme achieved so far?

So far, we have trained more than 70 mentors who have gone on to support many applicants through the process of becoming chartered.

Why is mentoring important to the mentee?

The journey to chartership needs disciplined focus in a busy working life. Having a skilled mentor who has completed the process is an invaluable support as aide, advisor and, sometimes, as a critic.

What does mentoring offer to the mentor?

Community values such as helping others and giving back are often undervalued in our corporate culture. Every relationship I have had over the years as a mentor has been a source of great satisfaction to me. Being a CIWEM mentor can be a great reward in itself, as well as helping to develop those around you to help reach their potential. It doesn’t harm your CV either.

What will those who attend take away from the course when they go back to work?

They will leave with a clear understanding of the process, of the steps involved in helping a mentee on the journey towards chartership. They will also gain a suite of professional mentoring skills, which will help them feel confident in their own ability to help, ensuring the mentee is sufficiently challenged, supported and encouraged.

Eugene O’Connell works for The Coaching Collective


CIWEM is running its first mentor-training courses in New Zealand on 20th May in Auckland, 22nd May in Hamilton and 24th May in Christchurch. For more information, please visit to register or contact

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