New WASH Project Flow to transform lives

11 Sep 2019

Help Oxfam New Zealand deliver safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to 12 schools, 8 health care centres in rural highlands of Papua New Guinea reaching an estimated 30,000 people.

"Now that the water is close to my school marks started to improve. It also helps my parents to do other work too." - Rosalyn Kuman, Kopas Village


15% of deaths of children under 5 are caused by diarrhoeal diseases

77% of rural people don’t have access to safe water

156 PNG’s ranking out of 187 countries in the UN Human Development Index

7.5 million people, making it the largest and most populous country in the Pacific


Oxfam will partner with local community-based organisations and closely collaborate with government stakeholders, to provide sustainable safe water supply, and foster improved sanitation and hygiene practices in 12 communities in Eastern Highlands Province.

Reaching an estimated 30,000 people, Oxfam and its local partners will install high-quality sustainable water supply and sanitation systems in 12 schools and eight health centres, and deliver training on improved sanitation and hygiene to schools, health centres and surrounding communities.

The new four-year FLOW programme maximises the impact of an investment in 12 schools and eight health centres by linking field-based interventions to a detailed, yet evolving Water, sanitations and hygiene (WaSH-systems strengthening approach, designed to motivate government agencies to implement the new GoPNG WaSH policy and to stimulate communities to demand and support the rollout of essential WaSH services. Within this process, gender transformation in WaSH-governance becomes a significant and explicit objective. By channelling gender-related analysis to key decision-makers and ‘decision-influencers’ at the institutional and community levels, Oxfam aims to grow understanding of the needs of this underserved population.

This activity will support 12 schools and eight health centres in Eastern Highlands Province obtain safe and reliable water supply and sanitation, and achieve and maintain open-defecation-free (ODF)-status. Led by ATP, Oxfam will install infrastructure (a mixture of gravity-fed systems and rainwater catchment) as well as sanitation facilities (most likely ventilated, improved pit latrines and female showers) to increase the use of safe, appropriate and functioning WaSH facilities. A human-centred design approach will ensure that the infrastructure is appropriate to the needs of all community members, including women, children, and people living with disability.

To learn more and support this vital project you can donate direct at Oxfam/ Flow

Or get in touch with Corporate Relationships Manager Charlene Fitisemanu to discuss more.

Art for good

Artist Misery teams up with Oxfam for a one-off mural to transform lives in the Pacific

World-famous New Zealand wall and pop artist, Misery, renowned for her colourful, whimsical characters, has joined forces with Oxfam New Zealand to create a stunning mural in the heart of Auckland’s City Rail Link project, to fundraise the delivery of clean drinking water and sanitisation to Papua New Guinean communities.

The one-of-a-kind mural will be exhibited in downtown Auckland, at 1 Queen Street next to City Rail Link’s tunnel works at Britomart, before seven panels will become individually available for purchase by online auction to raise funds for Oxfam’s work. Misery has kindly provided a number of limited-edition prints as gifts for generous supporters who donate to this Papua New Guinean project.

Mural panels are on public display at 1 Queen St, Auckland CBD, thanks to City Rail Link, before being auctioned later this year. To register interest please contact: