Taumata Arowai Seeks Drinking Water Treatment Equipment Suppliers

The Taumata Arowai (water regulator) establishment unit is looking to develop an acceptable solution for household point-of-entry type water treatment systems in New Zealand for use in rural/agricultural supplies. As part of this we are collecting information about the range of cartridge filter and UV disinfection systems currently available. It is our goal that the equipment compliant with this acceptable solution is widely available and economic whilst setting a standard that provides potable water with an acceptable level of risk. If your company currently sells drinking water treatment equipment of this type it would be helpful if you are able to provide some brief information about the products that you sell. The Taumata Arowai establishment unit are hoping to further develop cooperative relationships in the water industry as their work on the new water regulator progresses.

The acceptable solution will define limits of application of these units in terms of water quality. These limits are still being developed, and the input from this enquiry will assist in informing the limits that will be defined. It is expected a reasonably low untreated turbidity limit will be defined, likely in the range 2-10 NTU. Consideration will be given to the use of cartridge filters for both pre-treatment and for protozoa removal.

For household-sized installations, we are particularly interested in:

• The make/models of UV disinfection units that you sell. Please provide all models of a capacity likely to be suitable for this application. For these units:

  • What is the design flow rate and UVT design levels?
  • What certifications (e.g. NSF, DVGW) do they have?
  • What monitoring/alarm functions are available? Our preference would be to include a sensor capable of alarming lamp or fouling faults, but the cost effectiveness would need to be evaluated.
  • The make/model of cartridge filtration units that you sell. For each of these units what is the micron rating (nominal and/or absolute) and what certifications do they have?
  • How do you manage intermittent flows that can occur with point of use devices? For example, do UV lamps have continuous or intermittent operation and any issues that should be considered in where units are located within a householder’s plumbing?
  • For all units for which you provide information, could you please also give an indication of supply price, options pricing, consumable pricing and maintenance requirements.
  • Any commentary you have around practical issues effecting the reliability or performance of devices of this type or suggestions that could be appropriate for incorporation into a standard would be appreciated.

Technical and commercial information provided from this enquiry will be incorporated in reports in a summarised form only, that will not allow individual suppliers to be identified.

The table below may make it easier for you to compile the information, however, information can be provided in other formats if preferred.

Supplier name
Supplier contact info

UV/Cartridge filter make/modelFor UV: design flowFor UV: design UVTFor cartridge: micron ratingCertificationsAlarms/ monitoringSupply priceConsumables and priceRecommended maintenanceNotes/comments

Your participation in this survey is very much appreciated. Please get in touch with Kathryn.jessamine@beca.com if you have any further questions about what sort of information we are looking for. We are looking for responses by 26 June 2020.