Reviewing the Pipeline Inspection Manual

ProjectMax have completed the scoping report in preparation for updating the Water New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual 2006 (NZPIM). The NZPIM was created in 1989 to provide the New Zealand water services industry with a standard approach and specification for the inspection of non-pressure pipes (typically public and private gravity stormwater and wastewater drains), the classification of the defects and features observed and the determination of an overall condition code.

ProjectMax was responsible for the 3rd Edition update of the NZPIM in 2006 and were engaged early in 2016 to define the depth and breadth of the next update to ensure that any changes aligned with industry needs and preferences. This report conveys the outcome of that investigation. It was undertaken in consultation with an industry review group and a survey of industry participants.

The NZPIM is the only document of its type in use in New Zealand and is supported by Council asset owners, CCTV contractors and industry suppliers. Any changes therefore require careful consideration to ensure they align with industry need and to ensure that the NZPIM remains the defacto standard for CCTV inspection and condition assessment.

The report will be the subject of wide consultation with industry during 2017 with a view to letting a contract to review the 2006 NZPIM late this year. Any comments on the draft should be sent to or to

View a copy of the report here.

Water New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual Draft 190903