Consultation Paper on Review of AS/NZS Standards

18 Jan 2017

Water New Zealand have been consulted on proposals for reviewing a range of building standards, many of which are plumbing and piping related. These are predominantly ones which MBIE plan to fund the review of from the building levy. They include one on onsite wastewater and the main plumbing standard.

The Standards programme document shows which Standards BSP will fund for development and when. It has been developed from a list of ‘priority’ Standards which was initially created in 2015 with some building industry representatives. That 2015 list has now been developed into the BSP Standards Programme which looks ahead at the review and development needs for Standards for the next 10 years. MBIE are currently consulting on the draft of that programme. Following which, they intend to publish it on their website and review it annually.

This email has a consultation document attached which gives a breakdown of the BSP Standards Programme; how it has developed from the 2015 list, criteria for Standards being on that programme and the programme objectives.

The feedback MBIE are looking for in this consultation is at a strategic level. They want feedback on:

  • the criteria we are using to select and prioritise the Standards that support the New Zealand Building Code;
  • the consequent sequencing of the priority Standards;
  • potential research or information barriers to development; and
  • co-funding opportunities.

Water New Zealand has an interest in Standards that specifically cover water reticulation and plumbing services and will make a submission on this consultation.

A response is due with MBIE by 24 February. A copy of the discussion paper can be accessed here.

To assist in submission preparation, members with views they wish to share or see included in the draft submission are to notify John Pfahlert by 2 February. Please complete the Consultation Questions and email your response to