Last dates to enrol into the National Certificates and Diplomas in Water/Wastewater Treatment

Connexis/Opus ETC are offering the National Certificate and Diploma courses in Water and Wastewater Treatment for the final time in 2017.

This is the last opportunity to enrol in these qualifications which require completion by December 2018. Once courses are underway Opus are unable to take further enrolments.

For more information or to register email or call 0800 678 738.

The existing qualifications have been replaced with new water qualifications as a result of the NZQA Mandatory Review of Qualifications. Programmes for the new qualifications have been submitted and are currently being reviewed by NZQA. Work is underway on the training provision arrangements for the new qualifications.

The new training programmes are expected to be available in early 2018.

If you would like any further information on the changes to the treatment programmes, please contact:

Connexis Water Industry Manager Annie Yeates: or call 027 4400 129

Qualification Last Date of Enrolment Course Dates 2017
National Diploma in Wastewater Treatment Closed Block 1 6-17 March

Block 2 3-14 July

National Diploma in Water Treatment 30 th June 2017 Block 1 21 Aug – 1 Sept

Block 2 6-17 November

National Diploma in Drinking Water Assessment 30 th June 2017 Block 1 21 Aug – 1 Sept

Block 2 6-17 November

Block 3 5-8 February 18

National Certificate in Wastewater Treatment 24 th April 2017 Block 1 1-12 May

Block 2 31 July – 11 Aug

National Certificate in Water Treatment 5 th June 2017 Block 1 12-23 June

Block 2 11-22 Sept