IPENZ expands membership pathway

27 Apr 2017

IPENZ is changing its membership structure to create a simpler and stronger pathway for all types of engineers. The new pathway includes an annual commitment to the Code of Ethical Conduct and continuing professional development, to raise the bar and increase public trust and confidence. The IPENZ AGM on 7 April passed the changes necessary to roll out the new pathway in October. As well as maintaining competence-based assessment membership classes for professional engineers, the new pathway recognises a broader range of engineering professionals, including:

  • a wider range of disciplines
  • engineering leaders and managers
  • academics
  • engineering technicians, technologists and geologists, and
  • those for whom Chartered Professional Engineer registration is not relevant.

The change is in response to a growing and more diversified profession, and addresses feedback from members. It also provides greater flexibility in terms of career breaks.

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