Operation Oxfam

Oxfam has taken the popular water challenge to another level - experience Operation Oxfam!

Disasters don't discriminate. They can happen at any time, to anyone. Would you be prepared?

This October, challenge yourself, your colleagues and your mates to Operation Oxfam - the ultimate disaster simulation - and see if you've got the skills to master the disaster.

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What is the Operation Oxfam challenge?

Teams of four will need to build and assemble three vital elements for survival - shelter, a water system and a toilet - strong enough to keep them going in the wake of a disaster.

A limited timeframe, limited resources and unexpected curveballs will mean that the Operation Oxfam experience will simulate some of the disasters we’re seeing happen around the world every day.

With a growing number of climate events happening in our corner of the world, the vital funds you and your team raise as part of Operation Oxfam will help us respond to climate disasters in the Pacific, which are becoming more frequent and more severe, all while increasing your preparedness if disaster strikes at home.

Operation Oxfam is taking place during ‘Get Ready Week’ and is held in association with Auckland Emergency Management.

Think you and your colleagues can master the disaster? Register your team here: