Waikato region technical documents – members may wish to provide feedback

Members who operate in the Waikato region may be interested in a series of technical specifications currently out for comment, and others in the pipeline.

The Waikato Local Authority Shared Services - a company owned by 12 councils in the Waikato region - is seeking feedback by Wednesday 4 October on its Regional Infrastructure Technical Specification (RITS).

The RITS is a document that sets out how to design and construct transportation, water supply, wastewater, stormwater and landscaping infrastructure in the participating councils’ areas. Prior to developing RITS, each council had its own Infrastructure Technical Specifications, which resulted in different standards having to be met across the Waikato region. The purpose of RITS is to provide a single regional guide and specifications for building public infrastructure.

Click here to access the documents and feedback form.

The Waikato Regional Council is also preparing two guidelines that are expected to be available for comment sometime in 2017. The two guidelines are:

  • Waikato Stormwater Management Guideline (to replace Auckland Council’s TP10)
  • Waikato Stormwater Runoff Modelling Guideline (to replace Auckland Council’s TP108)

It was previously expected that these guidelines would be available for release in mid-2017. Work is still underway on both guidelines. Members with an interest may wish keep an eye on this work, with the view to providing feedback when the documents are released.

Thanks to the Stormwater Policy Sub-Group for bringing these matters to members attention.