Additional Conference Presentation by Ministry of Health

30 Aug 2017

The Ministry of Health have been allocated an additional slot at the Water New Zealand Conference to cover a range of topics arising out of the Havelock North Inquiry.

They will discuss the change in approach to the management of drinking water that has arisen from the Havelock North Inquiry. This includes: a review of the drinking-water standards, possible changes to water safety planning (and a movement towards a best-practice risk management framework that includes critical control points); suggested changes to the Drinking Water Register and the requirements for annual reporting; strengthening the management of non-compliances with the Health Act and the drinking-water standards; establishment of an expert advisory group to provide high quality, independent scientific and technical advice to the Director-General of Health on current and emerging health issues relating to drinking-water; and strengthened collaboration and cooperation between drinking-water suppliers, freshwater management and public health.

A revised framework for Water Safety Planning is currently being developed for consultation and will be available for discussion.

The paper will be presented at 12.00 noon on Thursday 21 September. See the conference program at