Perceived Risk of Using Treated Wastewater - invitation to particpate

Research Background

My name is Kaysone Vongthavilay and I am a postgraduate student at the University of Auckland School of Environment undertaking research for a Master of Science in Environmental Management. My supervisor is Dr. Sam Trowsdale. As a part of this degree I am carrying out research leading to a Master’s thesis.

Project Overview

This research is motivated by concern over the increase in population which also increases demand for water. Wastewater is the only source of alternative water that grows as population increases. Wastewater treatment is a highly technical engineering process and suits the principles underpinning water providers. Nevertheless, little is known regarding public concerns over treated wastewater. This thesis will examine risk perceptions of using treated wastewater. The main research objective will be to gain an understanding of the risk perception of the public and water practitioners in using treated wastewater. This research is an attempt to understand attitudes, trust, and perceptions with respect to wastewater reuse. One of the features of the study is a comparison between the public and the practitioners’ views. This project will continue until February 2018.

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