Office of the Auditor-General: our water work programme

The Office of the Auditor-General has published a new report, Introducing our work programme – Water management. This report describes the Office’s work programme for 2017/18, which will explore aspects of drinking water, freshwater, stormwater, and the marine environment.

The Office’s unique view of the public sector and independence enables it to look at the water management system as a whole – across public organisations in both central and local government and beyond political cycles. The Office will consider how well these organisations are carrying out their water management responsibilities, to understand how well New Zealand is positioned for the future.

Through its work, the Office will highlight any improvements that are needed in the public management of water and in the accountability and transparency of organisations for their decision-making and performance.

For more information about this report and the Office’s water management work programme, please contact Kristin Aitken, Sector Manager, Local Government Group.

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