Lifelines Forum in Auckland on the 31st Oct – 1st Nov

Water New Zealand is a member of the National Lifelines Council and attended and presented at this forum.

There were two full days of interesting presentations, with some interesting facts being revealed such as: There is approximately 30 days of stored fuel in NZ; 5% of food is imported; valuation and reinstatement costs of infrastructure is understated so suspect insurance costs will rise…

One of the learnings I took from the forum was the reasonable risk of damage from volcanic ash, particularly from Mt Taranaki. The Volcanic Impact Study Group newsletter may be of interest to some members with damage to underground infrastructure from lava .

VISG Newsletter - Issue No.9, September 2017

And coping with ash and the need for spare air filters for diesel generators

VISG Newsletter - Issue No.9, March 2017

I suspect this may also apply to blowers and air compressors.

Contact Noel Roberts for more information.