Seminars on the Implications of the Havelock North Inquiry

In February 2018, Water New Zealand will be delivering a series of seminars on the outcomes of the Havelock North Inquiry. The inquiry will result in significant changes to the New Zealand Drinking Water industry. Water suppliers will need to understand the implications of changes to legislation, standards, and new knowledge about of providing safe drinking water supplies so that they can adapt to a new environment. The seminars will be delivered in eleven towns across New Zealand and will provide a discussion on the recommendations from the inquiry, the Governments response and how things are likely to play out over coming years. They will cover any organisational changes recommend by the inquiry and the detail of technical changes to legislation, managing risk, catchment protection, water safety plans, drinking water standards etc. The seminars will be delivered by Jim Graham and Noel Roberts and will provide necessary information for Council elected officials, water supply managers and other key water supply staff. Further details will be provided in subsequent releases of Pipeline.