Feedback sought on ISO proposal to develop a community scale resource oriented sanitation treatment systems standard

29 Jan 2018

Standards NZ have received notification from ISO about a proposed NWIP in relation to ‘community scale resource oriented sanitation treatment systems’. Details on the standard are attached. Standards are seeking feedback on whether you think this work should go ahead at ISO, specifically they are interested in your position on the following questions:

1. Is this New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) relevant to New Zealand?

2. Should the work proceed if the NWIP is registered by ISO?

3. Are there any relevant documents from New Zealand that ISO should consider as part of the development of this work (e.g. Standards, Regulations, Industry Guidelines)?

4. Do you have any additional comments?

5. If a project committee is established do you believe New Zealand should participate in the work, observe the work or not participate in the work?

If you have any comments/feedback, could you please provide it to by Friday 9th February.