​Councils and water sector eager to grasp Havelock North implications

30 Jan 2018

30 January 2018

There’s been an overwhelming response to a series of seminars around the country on the future of water delivery in this country following the Havelock North inquiry.

Water New Zealand Technical Manager Noel Roberts says Water New Zealand is running the seminars starting tomorrow (Wednesday 31 January) so that water suppliers can better understand how the findings if fully adopted will affect the delivery of drinking water and what this could mean for the water sector.

The inquiry identified a myriad of major problems in the way drinking water has been managed and delivered.

Noel Roberts says most of the 17 seminars around the country through February and March, aimed at council officials, local body politicians and water managers, have already been booked out.

“Water suppliers have clearly understood the need to be fully aware of the implications of the inquiry and the effect this is likely to have on their delivery of drinking water.

“While the government has yet to respond to the recommendations it is clear there will be significant and long overdue changes in the management of drinking water in this country.”

The inquiry recommended the creation of a new drinking water regulator and the mandatory treatment of drinking water, including the use of a residual disinfectant.

It also identified the lack of competence and training in the sector and called for a mandatory training and qualifications regime to be established for all.