Water Complaints Scheme established by Utilities Disputes

23 Feb 2018

Utilities Disputes has announced the creation of a Water Complaints Scheme - a free, independent and fair dispute resolution service for complaints about water services. Watercare is the first water provider to join the Scheme, and Utilities Disputes Commissioner Nanette Moreau hopes to welcome other providers in the near future.

Watercare Chief Executive, Raveen Jaduram says "Here at Watercare we work very hard to answer our customers’ queries and satisfy any complaints, but sometimes disputes aren’t easily resolved. This new service means customers have free access to an independent referee when all other avenues have been explored. The other benefit for us is that the Utilities Disputes team will then give us feedback to help us improve."

When a customer complaint cannot be resolved, Utilities Disputes team apply their dispute resolution skills to facilitate a constructive conversation between the customer and provider. If the complaint remains unresolved, the Utilities Disputes Commissioner can issue a decision.

Utilities Disputes works with providers to help resolve ongoing complaints, and to drive service improvements. By joining Utilities Disputes, providers demonstrate they value customer feedback and take complaints seriously.

Find out more. Utilities Disputes would like to meet with you to discuss the Scheme.

Contact: Annie Bannister, Provider and Communications Coordinator

Ph: 04 914 4539