Development of rainfall and runoff guidelines has begun!

28 Feb 2018

It is only a few small steps and there is a lot more work to do. But it is a step in the right direction.

Check out the project page for a summary of results from the screening survey and some mini-projects that the Steering Group have initiated.

We still have no funding and work is being done by volunteers.

If you are involved in the science challenges, or know people who are, you may be able to help. The science challenge are currently reviewing progress to date to determine priorities for funding in 2019.

The three science challenges most relevant to this work are:

  • Building better homes, towns and cities
  • Resilience to nature‚Äôs challenges and
  • The deep south (because it includes climate change adaptation aspects)

Water NZ and/or the Steering Group will pursue this opportunity directly. But if you are involved in the challenges, or know people who are, then by all means communicate the importance of the rainfall and runoff work and why it should be included in the next phase of challenge work. The more voices singing the same tune, the more likely we can get traction on this important initiative.