Water supply in the spotlight

12 Mar 2018

BIG changes how Southland’s drinking water supply is managed are likely, Water New Zealand environmental scientist Jim Graham says.

Speaking at a seminar held by Water New Zealand representatives at the Kelvin Hotel last month, Mr Graham said councils should put aside money to fund upgrades of water purification and delivery systems and make sure drinking water supplies complied or risk prosecution.

About 20 people, including staff from various local councils in the south, attended the seminar, which focused on recommendations of the report from the official inquiry into the campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North last year, which killed three people.

“If we do nothing, I can guarantee you another Havelock North will happen. I can tell you 10 areas in New Zealand where that could happen now. Out of 67 districts, I can guarantee you 60 of these wouldn’t comply [with national standards] now,” Mr Graham said. Read more