Mentor Me - can you help?

18 Jun 2018

As you may know, Engineering New Zealand has launched a mentoring pilot programme in Auckland called Mentor Me. The goal of Mentor::Me is to connect engineers from all backgrounds and disciplines with senior practitioners to help guide them through all professional and personal challenges they face in their early career.

There has been a great response and there are plenty of mentees looking for a mentor match. Engineering New Zealand is looking for mentors in the following fields, and we think you might be able to help.

If you think you can help, please email Leanne Asher

Attached is a flyer  and Mentor Matching Form  for further information. 

Civil 12
Design Engineer 2
Electrical engineering 5
Environmental Engineer (Stormwater) 1
Geotechnical 3
Mechanical 3
Aerospace/Mechanical 1
Mechatronics Engineering, working as a multi-discipline CAD Engineer 1
Process/Production/Project Engineer 6
Research & Development Engineer 1
Structural 5
Technical Services Engineer 2
Not listed in their application 5