​Water New Zealand welcomes new moves towards safer drinking water

5 July 2018

Water New Zealand says the Government’s moves towards improving the safety of drinking water is a welcome step in the right direction.

The Government has announced that it is amending the Health Act to allow for faster and more efficient changes to outdated drinking water standards.

Water New Zealand Chief Executive John Pfahlert says this is a good interim measure ahead of the much-needed reforms across the three waters sector.

“The drinking water standards haven’t been updated since 2008 and a lot of our understanding has changed in regard to drinking water science and technology since then.”

The legislative changes will allow the standards to be updated more readily.

“Water New Zealand is looking forward to seeing what further steps the Government will take in response to the Havelock North Contamination Inquiry's recommendation that a new drinking water regulator be established.

“Provision of safe drinking water supplies is dependent on a knowledgeable, well-resourced regulator that is respected by the drinking water industry.”