Local government inquiry terms of reference confirmed

31 Jul 2018

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to examine and report on local government funding and financing arrangements.

The Commission is delighted to receive the terms of reference from the Minister of Finance and Minister for Local Government which outline the context and scope of its new inquiry.

“The Commission has previously completed inquiries into local government regulation, better urban planning, using land for housing and housing affordability and is looking forward to assessing and analysing this sector further,” says Inquiry Director, Steven Bailey.

Steven says the success of the inquiry will rely on the input, knowledge and advice of the sectors concerned. “Meaningful engagement is a key part of all our inquiries and the Commission looks forward to working alongside local and central government, agencies, organisations, public bodies, local businesses, community groups and other interested parties throughout the inquiry process to better understand local authority operations, funding and financing.”

The terms of reference are available here and anyone interested in the inquiry can subscribe to receive updates. Water New Zealand will be preparing a submission. 

The Commission will begin the local government inquiry with the publication of an issues paper outlining its proposed approach, the context for the inquiry and a list of key questions to be addressed. The issues paper will be available in October 2018. The Commission will seek submissions from all interested parties and consult broadly to help inform and ground its analysis. Its final report to the Government is due on 30 November 2019.