Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert system

15 Nov 2018

A Nationwide Test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system will take place on Sunday 25 November between 6pm and 7pm.

Annual tests will help ensure the system is working effectively, while helping to familiarise the public with what to expect. This is just a test, but when emergencies happen Emergency Mobile Alert will be a vital channel to help keep our communities safe.

The system was launched last year and has been well received with approximately three in four New Zealanders expressing confidence in the system.

The 2017 Nationwide Test reached 34% of New Zealanders’ phones. We estimate half of phones will now receive Emergency Mobile Alert as there are now more capable phones being used.

Not all phones are capable of receiving the alerts, so we need people to look after others. We’re encouraging people to tell their neighbours, whanau and colleagues if they receive an alert.

We’re also reminding people that Emergency Mobile Alert is an additional channel to help keep New Zealand safe. In an emergency, it will not replace other alerting systems, information channels, or the need to take action after natural warnings.

A nationwide multi-media campaign started on Sunday to let people know about the test and where to find out more information. Key messages, marketing and publicity materials have been provided to CDEM Groups and Partner agencies. Further information and frequently asked questions about Emergency Mobile Alert are available at .