Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Design and Operation

Water New Zealand is happy to provide the long awaited Good Practice Guide for Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Design and Operation, We believe this guideline will be of great value to the industry and likely to be a long serving legacy document referred back to by members for many years to come. This is a document the authors can be proud of and Water New Zealand would like to acknowledge the many hours of dedicated effort the authors put in to creating this document.

This document is an update of the Ministry of Works Guidelines for Oxidation Ponds 1974. It follows the NZ Water and Wastes Association (NZWWA) 2007 draft Waste Stabilisation Pond Guidelines which were published as a 2nd draft but never finalised and it draws on recent research and practices. It is primarily written for those involved in wastewater treatment pond management and operations: local authorities, regional councils, and wastewater systems operations personnel. As well as management and operations, these guidelines include basic aspects of pond design, planning, cultural acceptance, and regulations. It is assumed that the reader has an understanding of basic wastewater terminology.

Water New Zealand held a number of provincial workshops in the first quarter of 2018 explaining the content and thinking behind this guideline. The Workshop resources can be found below:

Technical Documents

20171130 final - WEBSITE.pdf

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24 Apr 2018

Pond record Sheet.xlsx

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30 Nov 2017

May 2018 WSP Workshops.pdf

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16 May 2018


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16 May 2018


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16 May 2018